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This phone case from GRAMAS uses leather for every element including the outer and inner linings, as well as the frame.

This is an original model with the KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS logo embossed in the front cover.

Items will be shipped as soon as stock arrives from the manufacturer.

Stitch Finish
The edge of the case is interfoled and stitched to enhance durability. Also, the “Yose“ (unique folding of the four edges) process applied by skilled artisans gives a beautiful finish to the case.

"RIPPLE" Card Pocket
The two horizontal and vertical stitches for card slots are called “Ripple”s. They prevent cards from slipping off even after a long use of the case.

Ripple is a registered design by Sakamoto Radio.

Magnet Flap

A magnet built in to the flap holds the flap to the frame. This feature gives a simple finish without excessive decorations.

Vertical Housing
By vertically housing the iPhone, the interference between the frame and screen is reduced to a minimum.

Qi Wireless Charging
Qi wireless chargers can be used with the case attached.

Product Name
Full Leather Case

Genuine Leather

Case Type
Book Case

Main Case : Black / Pocket & Stitch : Gray

Manufactured In

Not compatible with protective glass films that cover the entire screen.

Do not insert transportation IC cards in the card pocket if you are using Apple Pay for transportation payments. A duplication error will occur as the card reader at recognizes both Apple Pay and the IC card.