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KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Business Card Case Ludens

Regular price $110.00

Made from duralumin composite, this business card holder is lightweight and highly rigid.
With four, 3mm micro-size ball bearings installed, opening and closing the holder feels surprisingly smooth.

Due to the Made-In-Japan policy of GILD design, every aspect of this product is made in Japan, from the materials and ball bearings to the surface finish and product package.

Product Spec - Material : Duralumin (Body)

Made in Japan

Capacity - Approximately 20 standard size business cards (Size 91×55mm, Thickness 0.25mm) can be stored.

Please handle this product with care. Doing otherwise may lead to injuries.

This product is made from aluminium (duralumin). Please be careful of sharp edges.

This product is made according to standard business card size (91mm×55mm).

This product is very delicate, using accurately milled aluminum and mini size ball bearings. Please do not try to disassemble the product by yourself.