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KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS 5th x GILD design 5th Anniversary Logo iPhone Case

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With the concept of "strong  protection for your smartphone", the case is made of solid aluminum, machined from high-strength duralumin. Tthe surface is finely engraved with a special laser marker to make the image stand out. Laser engraving is a marking technique used to engrave serial numbers on semi-permanent machinery.

The material used is A2017 duralumin from Furukawa-Sky (now UACJ). This material is strong and has good machinability.

We cut 95% of the solid duralumin to make the aluminium case while keeping it's strength.

Everything of the Guild Design aluminium case is made in Japan, from the material to the surface treatment, and the bolts that hold the case in place, the silicone that comes with it, and even the spanners and the packaging box.

Our commitment to "Made in Japan" is what gives us the confidence that our cases are of the highest quality and can be used with confidence by our customers.
Please experience this "highest quality" that can be made only by using the most reliable Made in Japan product!


Colour: Gunmetalic

Model: iPhone 12/12 Pro - Size: 10.5 x 77 x 157mm

Model: iPhone 12 Pro Max - Size: 10.5 x 83.7 x 166.5mm

Model: iPhone 12 Mini - Size: 10.5 x 70.4 x 137.3mm