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Kojima at London Games Festival

As anticipated a few weeks ago, the ever-active Software House headed by Hideo Kojima took part in London Games Festival held at Trafalgar Square on 13th April.

As you may have seen in the Tweet to this news, Kojima Productions took the opportunity to present a vast assortment of merchandising with products inspired by the Software House and the highly anticipated Death Stranding. The selection is decidedly varied and includes various items of clothing, from sweatshirts to socks, and themed objects. You can get a more precise idea thanks to the clip shared on Twitter by the accounts of the Kojima Productions event: is there anything that particularly intrigues you?

The Software House was recently engaged in welcoming the flesh and blood version Sam Bridges. Recently, in fact, actor Norman Reedus visited Kojima Productions for the first time. The most dense mystery still applies to the exclusive Playstation 4 waiting currently in progress at his studios.


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